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Mrs. Nguyen Thi Van: “My arm pain is completely gone”

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Van, 70 years old, shares her medical examination and treatment journey at ICCARE.

I have had pain in both my arms and neck for quite a long time. I was treated at a famous hospital for a while but found that the condition progressed too slowly. Someone told me there is a bone, joint and spine clinic, located at 45-47 Tran Xuan Soan in Hai Ba Trung district, that has a new method – the American Chiropractic method that does not require drugs, no injections and no surgery. After hearing this, I really wanted to try it, because I had a stomach ache and had taken too much joint medicine before, so I just wanted to use a method without drugs or injections to prevent further harm.

I was treated here according to the course prescribed by a foreign Chiropractic doctor, which was 20 sessions, up to now more than 10 sessions. Now my arm pain is completely gone, and my neck has also reduced by 5 parts. I am very happy, I want to thank the clinic for bringing this method to chronically ill people like us, I want to thank the doctors and physical therapists here very much for their dedication and their kindness.

If you are experiencing a situation like Mrs. Van, please contact ICCARE clinic immediately via hotline 096 393 1999 for advice and to schedule a visit with a foreign doctor.

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