Shockwave Treatment

At iCCare, foreign doctors will develop a personalized treatment regimen for each patient. Along with chiropractic therapy, patients are treated with Shockwave technology. This is the most modern shockwave today, recognized by the US FDA as highly effective in helping to reduce pain caused by musculoskeletal diseases, with optimal analgesic effect.

Principle of operation

Shockwave is a high-energy sound wave that directly impacts pain points and musculoskeletal tissue, creating a local inflammatory response, stimulating metabolic activity around the treatment area, promoting the tissue healing process and cell recovery; relieve pain and restore mobility for patients.

Special effects of Shockwave

  • Reduces pain, reduces muscle tension, inhibits spasms
  • Stimulates tissue repair and regeneration processes
  • Improve metabolism and microcirculation: Shock waves stimulate blood vessel regeneration, form new blood vessels, increase circulation in the damaged area, helping to accelerate deep muscle tissue regeneration.
  • Enhances collagen production, heals damage to the musculoskeletal system and ligaments
  • Restore movement for patients

Shockwaves have the ability to impact musculoskeletal tissue, a depth that traditional methods cannot achieve, so it brings optimal results.
The effectiveness of treating musculoskeletal – joint – spine diseases with Shockwaves has been researched and shown:
• Pain reduction up to 89%
• 94% of patients were satisfied during treatment
• Removal of calcification in 84% of cases

At iCCare, foreign doctors develop specialized treatment regimens for each patient. Each treatment session lasts about 15 minutes with 2000 shots. Acute pain relief can be seen immediately after the first treatment session.

Indicated for the treatment of musculoskeletal - joint - spine diseases

Indicated for the treatment of musculoskeletal – joint – spine diseases
Shockwaves are indicated for effective treatment of musculoskeletal – joint – spine diseases:
Disc herniation, spinal degeneration
• Degenerative Knee
• Sciatica
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Wrist arthritis, Achilles tendon pain
• Sports injuries….

Safety of Shockware treatment

Shockwaves have been certified by the US FDA to be effective and safe in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

At iCCARE, doctors will base on the disease, physical condition and progress through each session to prescribe appropriate treatment parameters (number of shots, frequency/week) to bring optimal treatment results to the patient.


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