High Intense Laser Treatment

iCCARE is proud to be one of the Musculoskeletal – Joint – Spine clinics always equipped with the world’s most modern machinery system in Vietnam. High Frequency Laser (High Intensity Laser) – a new step in muscle and bone and joint treatment. The maximum laser output power is up to a few tens of watts (W), 30 – 50 times higher than traditional low frequency laser therapy, so it is called high frequency laser.

Principle of operation

High-frequency laser devices are capable of emitting one or more different wavelengths of light. The laser beam carries energy that can penetrate the epidermal tissue through the skin.

Thanks to the high laser output power, the laser beam is able to penetrate to almost any depth of the body (12W power allows for optimal absorption rate and effective stimulation of pain receptors at depths up to up to 12cm). This gives High Frequency Laser the ability to stimulate and heal any pain point in the body.

Some outstanding advantages of high frequency lasers

This device can be used to treat inflammation, tears or related tissue injuries by accelerating regeneration, tears or related tissue injuries by accelerating regeneration, recovery and reducing pain fastly. Some outstanding advantages of high frequency lasers used in treatment include:

• Unlimited penetration depth.
• Short treatment time.
• Instant pain relief effect.
• The range of indications is wide from acute to chronic injuries.
• Patients feel very comfortable during treatment.

At iCCARE, doctors combine Chiropractic spinal manipulation with modern treatment technology (including high-frequency laser) to double the effectiveness while shortening treatment time while still ensuring safety with every patient.

Non-invasive treatment

High-frequency laser can penetrate the skin without invasiveness and spread further under the skin, fat, muscle, tendons and bone tissue depending on the location of the same treatment. This process helps laser wavelengths heal tissue damage, called Photostimulation.

Laser wavelength 1064nm can penetrate up to 10cm deep into the epidermis of subcutaneous tissue. One of the most important keys to this wavelength is the Photo-Acoustic effect. Photo-Acoustic waves are created when the treatment area is irradiated far away by extremely short pulses that repeat continuously like mechanical wavelengths. Stimulates the release of nerves connected to the tissue and immediately relieves pain in this area. Bio-stimulating effect stimulates cells in the body, accelerating healing and recovery with 1064nm wavelength.

The 1064nm wavelength also stimulates the production of ATP, an enzyme that allows faster RNA and DNA synthesis, accelerates recovery and wound healing, reduces swelling in the treatment area and can Apply to many areas of the body.

Indicated for the treatment of musculoskeletal - joint - spine diseases

High-frequency Laser therapy helps achieve the goal of treating any painful point on the body and provides effective treatment for acute and chronic injuries:

• Pain relief (post-traumatic, neurological causes, bone and joint pain)
• Anti-inflammation of muscles, bones, joints and internal organs
• Stimulates tissue regeneration (quickly heals wounds/ulcers)
• Anti-edema
• Vasodilation
• Regulates circulation, especially microvascular circulation

Safety of high frequency laser treatment

High frequency laser technology has been certified by the US FDA to be effective and safe in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.
At iCCARE, doctors will base on the disease, physical condition and progress through each session to prescribe appropriate treatment parameters (wavelength, treatment time) to ensure the best effectiveness.

With a pioneering position in developing the SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF CHIROPRACTIC spinal nerve therapy in Hanoi, ICCARE constantly researches and invests in the MOST ADVANCED AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY machinery system TODAY. The clinic applies the most modern technology from the US, helping to support doctors in the treatment process for patients to achieve the highest treatment effectiveness.

If you have any questions about bone and joint diseases and services of iCCARE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC, please contact hotline 096 393 1999 for specific advice.

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