Are you suffering from back pain both at home and at the office? You are not alone. See how Chiropractic experts at iCCARE have changed patients’ lives for the better.

Neck and shoulder pain

It’s not easy to carry out daily activities when you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain. Discover how chiropractic treatment can reduce your pain and improve your quality of life.


Scoliosis in children is detected as early as possible so that it can be treated without invasiveness or surgery. Learn how Chiropractic can help control scoliosis.

Numbness of limbs

If you are experiencing numbness in your limbs that makes it difficult to function, iCCARE’s Chiropractic doctors can help you. Hear from our patients about how chiropractic care has impacted their lives.

Disc herniation

Learn how to treat a herniated disc to regain normal mobility. Chiropractic spinal manipulation is a safe, effective and non-invasive method to relieve and prevent further injury.


Do not be subjective with pain caused by sports, because it is likely that they will lead to more serious diseases if not treated promptly. Let’s see how Chiropractic can treat sports injuries as well as help athletes have optimal health to maintain performance.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is considered the “enemy” of office workers. Chiropractic method at ICCARE can restore wrist flexibility, eliminate pain and stiffness, and eliminate weakness in finger joints. Your work performance is also improved.

General pain

If vertebrae misalignment is not treated promptly, it will cause pain and many health complications. See how Chiropractic treatment can improve your overall health and allow your body to function at peak performance.

Thank you letter from customer

Customer story

Thank you letter from customer

Mr. Kazuyoshi Kume
Head of representative office in Hanoi
Cervical disc herniation, left arm numbness

I have been herniated in the neck and had numbness in my left arm 5 years ago. After a while, the symptoms didn’t change so I don’t remember anything about it anymore. However, within the last 10 months, numbness appeared in the left shoulder, back, and left arm. I was extremely worried and thought I might have a heart valve, so I went to the hospital to have my heart checked, but there was no problem. Therefore, I thought that the pain might be coming from a joint injury, so I decided to see a Chiropractic doctor. After seeing the advertisement of iCCARE Clinic in the Japanese magazine Vinaboo, I decided to come here because there were foreign doctors with a lot of experience.

After a few treatments with a chiropractic doctor, combined with a traction device, I no longer had the numbness and indigestion that had “haunted” me for so long. Because I am very happy and satisfied with the results.

Thank you letter from customer

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet
77 years old
Hard to walk

I had a subsidence in my L5 vertebra, the doctor said it was pressing on a nerve. As a result, it’s very difficult for my right leg to move and very painful, even when it cramped, if I didn’t lean on anything, I could fall. During the treatment process here, I saw good progress because there was a foreign doctor here who was very attentive and friendly. All the staff at the patient care service line are very careful, kind and affectionate. It makes me excited and reassured.
My treatment regimen is 26 sessions in 3 months, 2 sessions per week. I’ve been on treatment for 23 sessions so far, with 3 more sessions to go, but I’m up to 80%. My legs move around like normal.
The neighbors kept looking for me to tell me where to go, and said: “Mrs. Nguyet is going so fast today, she can beat someone.” I said: “Yes, I’ve been through twenty sessions of treatment, only 3 more sessions left, I’m sure I’ll be cured.”
“I am very grateful to the clinic and doctor for helping me travel easily.”

Thank you letter from customer

Mrs. Yamamura
Lower back pain

I am Yamamura, a person treated by ICCARE clinic. I had back pain after lifting something heavy. After that, I shared with a friend who has lived in Hanoi for a long time. She told me that she also had the same problem as me. Previously she had lower back pain when she fell down the stairs.

After that, it was known that there was a foreign doctor who was doing Chiropractic treatment in Hanoi and she came for treatment and found her condition much better. She advised me to see and get treatment at ICCARE. After only 4 treatments, my lower back pain has gone. I am very grateful to the clinic and my friend who introduced me to the doctor. Thank you very much!

Thank you letter from customer

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Van
70 years old
Arm pain

I have had pain in both my arms and neck for quite a long time. I was treated at a famous hospital for a while but found that the condition progressed too slowly. Someone told me the iCCARE clinic has an American Chiropractic method that requires no drugs, no injections and no surgery. After hearing this, I really wanted to try it, because I had stomach pain and had taken too much joint medicine before. I have been treated here for more than 10 sessions now, the result is that my arm pain is completely gone, and my neck is also reduced by 5 parts. I am very happy, I want to thank the clinic for bringing this method to chronically ill people like us, I want to thank the doctors and physical therapists here very much for their dedication and kindness.

Thank you letter from customer

Mrs. Nguyen Thị Binh
Neck, shoulder and knee pain

My daughter used to be treated here and invited me to come here for treatment with her. She told me to come and treat with her, they treated her very well here. At first, I had pain in my neck, shoulders, nape, and down to my knees. When I came here for treatment, my pain progressed rapidly. In the past, every night my knees hurt and I couldn’t sleep. Currently, I feel less upset, sleep well and comfortably, and no longer have so much pain that causes insomnia. Before, I was in pain but I endured it because I didn’t know where to get treatment. If my daughter took me there, I would know. At home, everything hurted but I just had to endure it. It hurted even more when I slept at night. It hurted a lot and I couldn’t sleep when I was upset. After treatment, I have felt less upset and slept well, comfortably without pain.

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