Today, the average office worker spends at least 8 hours/day sitting in front of a computer. Sitting too long for too long can easily cause office workers to choose a comfortable position for themselves, with their head and neck bowed low, back hunched, legs crossed to one side, etc. This is considered the main cause of spinal diseases such as: neck and shoulder pain, hunchback, turtle neck, scoliosis, cervical spondylosis or disc herniation; At the same time, it increases the risk of death within 15 years by 40% compared to people who only sit about 3 hours/day (even when exercising).

End neck and shoulder pain

According to statistics in the US, 85% of office workers suffer from this disease. It can be called the disease of the times.

According to American scientists, 95% of diseases originate from compressed nerves caused by misaligned vertebrae. Medicines, injections, and even surgery cannot solve spinal misalignments. CHIROPRACTIC CORRECTION helps restructure the spine, reduce compression on the nerve system, stimulate the self-healing mechanism of damaged muscle tissue, and quickly relieve pain. Combined with appropriate equipment for torsion contractions. Thanks to that, the compressed nervous system is released and the blood vessels twisted by the muscles are circulated.

When there are symptoms of fatigue, patients should see a Chiropractic doctor for timely advice and treatment.

Get rid of back pain

Similar to neck and shoulder pain, back pain in office workers also comes from sitting for too long causing muscle stiffness and poor posture leading to misalignment. Spinal injuries have a silent beginning and occur, with very few or unclear manifestations for us to feel its severity, only when the pain makes us feel it. It’s very annoying that we pay attention to it and that’s when the problem becomes serious.

Chiropractic doctors will use enough force to directly impact the misaligned vertebrae, bringing them back to their original position, stimulating the body’s self-recovery mechanism, completely resolving pain and restoring the patient’s ability to move effectively without the use of drugs or surgery.

Effective treatment of Wrist Syndrome

Jobs done on computers and phones seem to be simple, easy tasks, but in fact, using the mouse or typing on the keyboard continuously for a long time will cause pain in the knuckles. If the hands, wrists, and hands get worse, it will cause numbness, muscle weakness, and swelling, leading to a decrease in typing speed and mouse manipulation, causing work to stagnate and decline.

Chiropractic Chiropractic Therapy is proven to be an EFFECTIVE and SAFE treatment method for musculoskeletal pain without the use of drugs, injections or surgery, especially in cases of WRIST SYNDROME due to arthritis, tendonitis, single or polyneuritis, wrist injury…

In order to speed up recovery and effectively reduce pain, doctors can combine physical therapy with modern equipment and machinery such as high-intensity lasers and Shockwave shock waves. At the same time, to maintain treatment effectiveness and prevent recurrence, technicians at ICCARE will instruct patients on exercises specifically for the wrist.

Improve memory - Enhance working performance

Chiropractic spinal nerve therapy relieves compression of the nervous system, reduces muscle tension, and inflammation of surrounding organizations. From that:

  • Improve nerve function.
  • Increase blood circulation to the brain and muscle strength
  • Improving memory helps improve work performance
  • Reduces the risk of depression and helps stabilize and balance mood.
  • Improve concentration and avoid stress while working

Improve bad posture

Good posture doesn’t just look good, it also makes you feel good!

To have a beautiful appearance and an energetic spirit, start with having a healthy musculoskeletal system and a body that moves flexibly and comfortably.

If office workers have scoliosis, turtle neck, hunchback, or poor posture, a Chiropractic doctor can help you. By bringing subluxations to their optimal position, your posture will gradually improve.

Therefore, regular Chiropractic adjustments will help you prevent curvature and hunchback of the spine.

Enhance general health

In addition, Chiropractic care gives you countless benefits:

• Restores neural pathways to restore overall health
• Eat well, sleep well, encourage the glands and systems in the body to work best
• No need to use medication (harms the stomach)
• Tough, flexible, not sick
• Strengthens the immune system.
• Prevent the risk of spondylosis


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