What is neck and shoulder pain?

Neck and shoulder pain is a status in which the neck and shoulder muscles contract, causing pain and limiting movement when turning the neck or head. Not only does it make the patient feel tired and uncomfortable, but neck and shoulder pain warns of many dangerous bone and joint diseases such as cervical spondylosis, cervical disc herniation, spinal spurs… causing compression of spinal nerve roots.

Signs of neck and shoulder pain

  • The pain often appears after waking up or sitting in one position for a long time
  • Pain increases when coughing or sneezing and decreases when resting
  • Pain spreads from the shoulder to the arm, causing uncomfortable numbness
  • May include symptoms of dizziness, tinnitus,..
  • Muscle pain in the left or right shoulder and neck
  • Sleeping on one side will cause pain

Causes of neck and shoulder pain

Living in the wrong posture
Spinal disc herniation
Cervical spine degeneration
Calcification of the spine
Getting older
Be injuried
Living in the wrong posture
Spinal disc herniation
Cervical spine degeneration
Calcification of the spine
Getting older
Be injuried

Complications of neck and shoulder pain

  • Vestibular disorders and anemia to the brain cause chronic insomnia and memory loss
  • Prolonged pain, loss of feeling in the arm, difficulty holding objects
  • Disturbance in sensation of hot and cold
  • Compression of the spinal cord in the neck causes complications of muscle weakness and paralysis

Treatment regimen for neck and shoulder pain

iCCARE Chiropractic is a pioneer in applying Chiropractic therapy from the US in a multi-specialty regimen to help treat neck and shoulder pain without drugs, without injections, without surgery while still ensuring effective treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment Method:

Directly, foreign doctors perform Chiropractic adjustments to bring misaligned cervical vertebrae into the correct position, release compressed nerves, increase blood circulation to the brain, helping patients relieve pain immediately without using drugs. At the same time, it eliminates insomnia and memory loss for patients.

High-Tech Therapy

Intensive treatment with high-tech machines: DOC – Special decompression table, adjustment table, Shockwave, high intense Laser, Intelect Neo – therapy equipment,.. helps reduce multi-point pain quickly, increase cell regeneration, promotes recovery speed 3 times faster.

"If you don't want your body to scream, listen when it whispers." Don't be subjective with any signs of pain in your body, come to iCCARE to prevent and treat the disease promptly. Please contact hotline: 096 393 1999 for advice on scheduling!

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