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Chiropractic method

Yes, just because you don’t feel pain or fatigue doesn’t mean your body is healthy because degenerative spots develop silently and do not show outward appearance. If you receive early spinal care, your doctor will control your spine early, limiting the risk of degeneration. Regular adjustments with a Chiropractic doctor not only help treat disease but also help prevent disease, enhancing the body’s natural self-healing ability and immunity. Therefore, you should regularly visit a Chiropractic doctor to have a healthy spine.

Definitely very effective! Because the doctor acts directly on the cause of the pain to release the pressure with a moderate force, without damaging the spine.

The doctors at iCCARE clinic are all good and very dedicated, they all have many years of experience and have treated many different musculoskeletal diseases. The doctor who examines you from the beginning will understand your medical condition best and will monitor your entire treatment process.

Yes, whether or not it is completely cured depends on the condition, constitution and cooperation of each patient. After treatment at the clinic, the patient must follow the doctor’s instructions at home, correct incorrect postures in daily activities… to achieve the best treatment results.

During the treatment process, the doctor was able to control your condition. However, in life and work, it is sometimes unavoidable that you work too hard or have the wrong posture, causing unwanted injuries to your body. Therefore, you should follow the doctor’s maintenance plan to take better care of your health and slow down the body’s degeneration process.

Soft tissue treatment + Ultra sound + IFC (Basic)

Yes, after treatment, her muscles softened, but her compression phenomenon was not necessarily gone. Here, the doctor recommended a treatment plan to help soften and restore damaged muscles and reduce nerve compression, so when her muscles recover, the nerves will no longer be compressed, then your pain will be gone!

During the treatment process, the technician will soften the muscles and the spastic points will become softer and smaller.

iCCARE’s technicians all graduated with majors in physical therapy/rehabilitation from Hai Duong University of Medical Technology, one of three schools of the Ministry of Health that train physical therapy/rehabilitation technicians / functional recovery.

During the treatment process, there are sessions where the doctor and technician have to work on tense muscle groups deep inside, just like if you haven’t played sports in a long time, the muscles are reactivated. So more pain is also a good sign.

Decompression table

The stretching machine focuses on the vertebrae that you are injured to increase the distance and reduce the pressure on the nerves, while the pull-up machine will not focus on the damaged location.

During the stretching process, you need to increase the pulling weight. So those noises are just a normal phenomenon when the machine absorbs force and releases force according to the index so that your body can adapt.

Because muscles, ligaments and bones are contracting. When stretching to increase the distance or move to a new position, the body will react and cause pain. This reaction will go away after a short time when the body absorbs and recovers, so it does not cause damage to the body.

There are many people who treat and stretch 2 points at the same time because they hurt 2 areas and don’t have time, but if during the treatment process, stretching 2 points at the same time and you feel tired and uncomfortable, you can ask for advice. See a doctor to treat each point one by one.

Our treatment method is to treat the cause. Your butt pain symptoms originate from nerve root compression in the lumbar region, so the doctor stretched the lumbar area to reduce nerve compression. When the compression is gone, the pain in your buttocks will go away.

Pain points

Because the cause of her leg numbness is due to compression of the nerve roots originating from the lumbar spine.

Because the neck is where the nerves and blood vessels come out and control the brain. When treatment reduces pressure on the nerves and blood circulation improves, I will have fewer headaches.

These muscle stiffness occurs due to the activity of muscle fibers. When one of the muscle fibers is excessively contracted and cannot relax, causing part of the muscle fiber to shorten and widen. When many such muscle fibers form close together, it will create a muscle stiffness point, where blood flows. cessation of circulation causes lack of oxygen and accumulation of waste.

Exercise & play sports

To avoid injuries caused while playing sports and not being able to control the condition, doctors often advise patients to stop playing for a while to let the body recover, but if you play again you will feel more comfortable. You can consult your doctor again.

Walking is very good for the body’s movement, but if you walk too much, it will cause muscle fatigue and overwork the muscles, causing damage. In some cases, bone and joint diseases require limiting walking, so you need to ask your doctor before you plan to walk.

Other questions

It’s not that too strong of a treatment is good, too strong of a treatment can cause pain in your body and poor sensation and can cause damage to your soft tissue.

The doctor will give you a Shockwave index that is safe and suitable for your condition, so it will not cause damage to your bones.

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