Contrary to what many people think, Chiropractic treatment is not just for adults. This scientific method is especially suitable for infants and young children, because this is the period when the body develops rapidly.

Here are 7 benefits that Chiropractic can bring to your child:

Optimally develop your child's spine

Babies are born with a spine shaped like a letter ‘C’. The curve in your baby’s neck develops to control his or her head movements, and the curve in the lumbar area develops as the baby begins to sit up and crawl. During your child’s first year, your child’s spine will increase 50% in size and continue to grow rapidly until age 5. Since then there has been stable and continuous development. During adolescence, the body will grow rapidly until the child reaches adulthood.

A child’s spine and body are extremely flexible, yet a small amount of pressure can affect the function of the child’s spine, creating stress and spinal misalignment. ‘Vertebrae malalignment’ is the term for vertebrae and joints that do not move well, are misaligned or cause “interference” to your nervous system. The nervous system controls everything your child does; from breathing and digestion to running, playing, thinking and feeling. “Interference” can reduce your child’s ability to function at his or her best.

Having your child examined by a Chiropractic doctor on a regular basis will help keep his or her nervous system functioning at its best, reduce the effects of falls and other pressures, and monitor the development of scoliosis in children, and to help them be as healthy and happy as they can be.

Effective in treating problems such as earache and asthma

If your child has an earache or sinus congestion, Chiropractic can help drain fluid from the ear. Our lymphatic system depends on the spine and surrounding muscles for proper flow and function. Neck manipulation can often help with lymphatic drainage. And if your child has asthma, spinal manipulation can help relieve compressed or misaligned nerves that can affect the bronchial tubes, lungs or diaphragm.

If your child has difficulty breathing, manipulating the thoracic spine (upper middle back) may help him or her breathe easier and relieve asthma symptoms.

Increase children's immunity

Our immune response is triggered by neurotransmitters and depends on the health and function of the spinal cord. If the nerve is pinched or it’s as severe as a slipped disc, it can disrupt our immune system’s ability to respond to external threats.

This is especially important for toddlers because children are still building their immune systems and are exposed to more germs than adults. It has been found that children who see a Chiropractic doctor regularly are less likely to get colds than children who have never used this method.

Helps children sleep well and promotes a healthier sleep cycle

A big concern for parents is their children’s sleepiness. Chiropractic can help children sleep better through the night and feel more relaxed and calm.

After regular Chiropractor visits, parents have noted positive changes in their children’s rest patterns such as going to bed earlier, less night waking, and better sleep or nap behavior. More stability, reduced lethargy and more balanced energy flow.

Improves digestion and constipation

If your child is experiencing digestive problems, such as constipation, a Chiropractic doctor can intervene with extremely gentle, non-invasive adjustments instead of using drugs or other harsh treatments.

Gentle adjustments to the child’s spine and neck are effective in relieving constipation and many digestive problems. Chiropractic aims to release trapped gas from the joints thereby improving blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation is a super simple way to encourage your digestive system to function effectively. Not to mention, proper alignment of the mid-back, hips, and pelvic area can reduce stress on the intestines and provide greater comfort.

Improve mood, mental focus and limit attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

It must be made clear that Chiropractic does not necessarily “treat” ADHD. However, it can have a positive impact on children who have been diagnosed with the condition. In fact, Chiropractic is considered a safe and natural treatment for symptoms.

Regular adjustments support the nerve pathways to function effectively. Spinal misalignments can lead to behavioral problems as well as changes in brain function. Chiropractic treatment will restore balance to your child’s brain, body and entire nervous system, leading to higher levels of concentration and improved mood.

The Chiropractic doctor will also recommend some dietary and exercise changes. By eliminating certain foods, moderate exercise, and rest can help reduce ADHD symptoms. These recommendations are not only helpful for ADHD but also help relieve headaches, balance the nervous system, regulate sleep, strengthen the immune system and more!

Reduces stress, headaches and migraines

Headaches have a multitude of causes, and tightness in the neck and nape area is often the main cause of recurring headaches and migraines. Neck misalignment is quite common in both children and adults. Increasingly, the situation of children with hunchbacks, loss of physiological neck curves, turtle necks or scoliosis is increasing due to using smartphones and lack of exercise for long periods of time.

Chiropractic is definitely a “tonic” for your spine. While it’s impossible to closely monitor our children’s posture, behavior and activities, seeing a Chiropractic doctor is a great way to ensure they get the care they need in their busy lives. Reducing neck tension and encouraging a healthy neck curve will certainly help reduce headaches and migraines that babies may experience.

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