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iCCARE Chiropractic Clinic is Proud to Sponsor the Golf Club Championship 2023

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of its establishment, UTC Golf Club organized the UTC Golf Club Championship 2023 and the Launching Ceremony of the Northern University Alumni Golf Club Championship on November 5 at Thanh Lanh Golf Course.

iCCARE is very pleased to accompany sports tournaments

Established in June 2018, UTC Golf Club consists of members who are alumni of the University of Transport and Communications and share a passion for golf. Through each organization, the amount of money contributed to the tournament is raised to support education for remote areas and students in difficult circumstances.

iCCARE effectively supports golfers to improve their performance

Realizing the significance of the tournament, iCCARE clinic decided to accompany the Golf tournament as a sponsor. iCCARE has awarded special health care gifts to Golfers with a total value of up to 785 million. In addition to valuable rewards, iCCARE also provides sports injury screening, muscle strain relief, and on-site recovery services for Golfers to swing with better performance.

The total sponsorship gift is up to 785 million VND

Golf is a trendy sport that many people choose to improve their health and relax their minds. Although it is classified as a lower intensity game than other sports, the rate of golfers experiencing injuries is quite high. Most both amateur and professional players are susceptible to injury when training incorrectly and overexerting themselves. If left untreated, injuries can develop into chronic diseases, affecting the function of joints and muscles.

Congratulations on a successful tournament

iCCARE Clinic is the first unit in Hanoi to apply Chiropractic scientific treatment method combined with drug-free physical therapy and rehabilitation. With 13 years of experience, a team of foreign doctors, experienced technicians and state-of-the-art technology, iCCARE can help Golfers:

– Optimize balance reflexes.

– Prevent and treat injuries quickly without using drugs or surgery.

– Improve mobility and movement.

– Increase strength & flexibility of the body axis – back, abdomen, shoulder joints, elbows, arm sockets and arm muscles.

Chiropractic can help athletes prevent injuries – increase fitness

With iCCARE, participating in sporting events, especially golf tournaments, is a joy and also an opportunity for iCCARE Chiropractic clinic to bring scientific, drug-free health care services. towards optimal health closer to many people.

Through this event, iCCARE hopes to help people be aware of health, build a lifestyle to properly care for and protect the spine and musculoskeletal system early on for long-term optimal health. A healthy and flexible spine means the body is always full of energy and life is always in a state of vitality. Wishing all Golfers always enjoy and flourish in each round of golf!

Please contact iCCARE immediately if you are experiencing sports injuries for advice and appropriate treatment via hotline: 096 393 1999

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