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7 Ways to Protect Back Pain for Golfers

On its face, golf may not seem heavy or strenuous, but the flexibility of your spine gradually decreases over time. The most common injuries among golfers are in the lumbar spine. The pain usually lasts 2-4 weeks. Surprisingly, spinal injuries do not immediately incapacitate them, but the pain increases the more they play.

Swings contribute to back pain

The truth is that golf postures can easily harm the spine. For example: To swing correctly, you must open your hips and shoulders in the backswing position. At the end of the stroke, your lumbar spine is in an overly stretched position while simultaneously contracting your abdominal muscles and rotating your body with your feet still on the ground, the discs between your vertebrae are over emphasized.

The increase in pressure on the spine during the downswing to follow-through is as strong as a baseball outfielder ramming the barrier in front of him. The pressure on the golfer’s spine is much greater than the force that causes lumbar disc herniation. However, for older people who are at risk of osteoporosis later in life, increased pressure on the spine can crack or fracture ribs or vertebrae.

Other problems commonly seen in golfers are muscle damage along the spine. MRI films show muscle tears especially in amateur golfers. Treatment for common muscle injuries focuses on rest, relaxation, muscle-strengthening exercises and correct movement while playing golf to avoid re-injury.

Tips to avoid back pain while playing golf, a few simple steps to help protect golfers’ backs are as follows:

1) Your golf clubs must fit your body.

2) Treat golf as a running game rather than a leisurely weekend sport or for those who play golf 2 to 3 times a week this helps protect against muscle weakness that often occurs between playing sets will make you susceptible to injury. Avoid playing golf more than 5 times a week and don’t play at all the following week.

3) Push the car, not pull it.

4) Using a short club throughout a round will help you reduce pressure on your spine.

5) If you have to carry a golf bag, you should use a bag with two straps on the back like a backpack.

6) Lose weight if you are overweight.

7) Have your own Chiropractic doctor to assist with spinal misalignments or injuries that occur during sports.

Above is iCCARE’s sharing about back pain protection measures for golfers. Hopefully through this article readers have found useful information for themselves.

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